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Noemi Mirata was born in Catania in 1995. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania with a specialization in Painting, she moved to Milan and graduated in Art Therapy at the Brera Academy. She currently lives and works in Milan.

Noemi Mirata's research develops following a natural flow and aims to push the observer beyond what appears, crossing the superficial plane of things and catapulting it beyond. The beyond is something immaterial but closely linked to our existence. In fact, the pictorial works but also the photographic ones investigate the dynamics between the individual and the plant world, what belongs to us and what depends on our actions and reactions? The artist's work is in an almost exasperated search for a lost or forgotten place, but it also tends to rediscover that memorial DNA that belongs to every animate and inanimate being. Organic installations imply the need to investigate the process, making it possible for the user to have a type of analytical and close observation and leading it to be active and not passive towards the work.



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